The Transcriptional Regulation Group

Prof. Dr. Martin Vingron

October 25, 2022


PhD projects in the Vingron lab would come from the fields of regulatory genomics, epigentics, single cell data analysis, or interpretation of genomic variation. For example:

- Can we derive better gene regulatory networks from single-cell transcriptomics?

- Integration of epigenetic signals and sequence information in gene regulation

- Gene regulatory interactions and networks in their time development

- Interpretation (and evolution?) of non-coding human conservation/variation

- Machine learning algorithms for recognition of gene regulatory signals

Furthermore, we are engaged in a number of collaborative projects, which offer many interesting questions to work on. See, e.g., the work of Stefan MundlosDenes Hnisz or Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu.

For more detailed information visit the website of the Vingron group.

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