The Transcriptional Regulation Group

Prof. Dr. Martin Vingron

October 09, 2023


PhD projects in the Vingron lab would come from the fields of regulatory genomics, epigentics, single-cell data analysis, or interpretation of genomic variation. For example:

- Can we derive better gene regulatory networks from single-cell transcriptomics?

- Integration of epigenetic signals and sequence information in gene regulation

- Gene regulatory interactions and networks in their time development

- Interpretation (and evolution?) of non-coding human conservation/variation

- Machine learning algorithms for recognition of gene regulatory signals

Furthermore, we are engaged in a number of collaborative projects, which offer many interesting questions to work on. See, e.g., the work of Stefan MundlosDenes Hnisz or Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu.


For more detailed information visit the website of the Vingron group.

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