IMPRS Alumni

Alumni of the IMPRS for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing


Wasinee RungsarityotinAlgorithms to Identify Protein Complexes from High-Throughput DataJun 2007
Philipp MesserTandem Duplications in the Human GenomeFeb 2008
Zhike ZiMathematical Modeling and Kinetic Analysis of Cellular Signaling PathwaysApr 2008
Markus BauerA Combinatorial Approach to RNA Sequence-Structure AlignmentsApr 2008
Utz J. PapeStatistics for Transcription Factor Binding SitesJul 2008
Ole Schulz-TrieglaffComputational Methods for Quantitative Peptide Mass SpectrometryOct 2008
Evelyn DittmerHidden Markov Models with Time-Continuous Output BehaviorNov 2008
Andrea WeißeGlobal Sensitivity Analysis of Ordinary Differential EquationsApr 2009
Tobias RauschDissecting Multiple Sequence Alignment MethodsSep 2009
Federico SquartiniStationarity and Reversibility in the Nucleotide Evolutionary ProcessMar 2010
Ben-Fillippo KrippendorffIntegrating Cell-level Kinetic Modeling into the Optimization of Cancer TherapeuticsApr 2010
Paz PolakDiscovering Mutational Patterns in Mammals Using Comparative GenomicsJun 2010
Marcel SchulzData Structures and Algorithms for Analysis of Alternative Splicing with RNA-seq DataJul 2010
Ewa SzczurekModelling Signal Transduction Pathways and Their Transcriptional ResponseOct 2010
Sayed-Amir MarashiConstraint-based Analysis of Substructures of Metabolic NetworksApr 2011
Atanas KamburovMore Accurate Interactomes for Elucidating the Mechanisms of Complex DiseasesAug 2011
Henning StehrGraph-based Approaches to Protein Structure- and Function PredictionMay 2011
Akdes SerinBiclustering Analysis for Large Scale DataSep 2011
Rosa KarlićInfluence of Histone Modifications on mRNA Abundance and StructureSep 2011
Martin HeldNovel Concepts to Study Conformation and Association Dynamics of BiomoleculesJan 2012
Jonathan GökeAnalysis of Long-Distance Gene Regulatory ElementsMay 2012
Martina FröhlichComputational and Experimental Investigation of the Mechanisms Involved in Cellular Water Transport and (Cat)ion HomeostasisMay 2012
Chris BielowQuantication and Simulation of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry DataJun 2012
Yves ClémentThe Evolution of Base Composition in Mammalian GenomesAug 2012
Christian DienerLocalized Signaling and Communication during Yeast MatingSep 2012
Marvin SchulzIdentification of Potential Drug Targets in Kinetic Networks Described by Ordinary Differential EquationsSep 2012
Anne-Katrin EmdeNext-Generation Sequencing Algorithms: From Read Mapping to Variant DetectionNov 2012
Michael LoveStatistical Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Count DataJun 2013
Stephan AicheInferring Proteolytic Processes from Mass Spectrometry Time Series DataMay 2013
Birte KehrContributions to Computing and Modeling Multiple Whole-Genome AlignmentsNov 2013
Arne ReimersMetabolic Networks, Thermodynamic Constraints, and Matroid TheoryJun 2014
Johannes SchönebergReaction-Diffusion Dynamics in Biological SystemsJul 2014
Sharon HüffnerModularity in Biological NetworksApr 2014
Sandro AndreottiLinear Programming and Integer Linear Programming in BioinformaticsSep 2014
Alena van BömmelPrediction of transcription factor co-occurrence using rank based statisticsJul 2014
Enrico SiragusaApproximate string matching for high-throughput sequencingMay 2015
Juliane PernerBioinformatic Approaches for Understanding Chromatin RegulationJun 2015
Han Cheng LieOn a strongly convex approximation of a stochastic optimal control problem for importance sampling of metastable diffusionsSep 2015
Alessandro MammanaPatterns and algorithms in high-throughput sequencing count dataSep 2015
Xintian YouTailored Analysis in Studying Transcriptome LandscapeSep 2015
Iliusi Vega del ValleReconstruction and analysis of the state space for the identification of dynamical states in real-world time seriesJan 2016
Wolfgang KoppStatistical methods for motif hit enrichment in DNA sequencesOct 2016
Johannes HelmuthRobust normalization of next generation sequencing dataFeb 2017
Kirsten ThobeLogical modeling of uncertainty in signaling pathways of cancer systemsMar 2017
Matthias LienhardComputational analysis of genome-wide methylation enrichment experimentsMar 2017
Alexandra ReimersUnderstanding metabolic regulation and cellular resource allocation through optimizationAug 2017
Matthew HuskaUsing machine learning to predict and better understand DNA methylation and genomic enhancersAug 2017
Sven-Leon KuchenbeckerAnalysis of Antigen Receptor Repertoires Captured by High Throughput SequencingJan 2018
Christoph GorgullaFree Energy Methods Involving Quantum Physics, Path Integrals, and Virtual Screenings: Development, Implementation and Application in Drug DiscoveryApr 2018
Evgenia YouettAdaptive Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for Random Elliptic ProblemsJun 2018
Mohammadhossein MoeinzadehDe novo and haplotype assembly of polyploid genomesAug 2018
Christopher M. PockrandtApproximate String Matching - Improving Data Structures and AlgorithmsFeb 2019
Temesgen Hailemariam DadiWhole Genome Shotgun Sequencing Based Taxonomic Profiling Methods for Comparative Study of Microbial CommunitiesJan 2019
Anna RamischEnhancer Prediction Based on Epigenomic DataFeb 2019
Sabrina KrakauStatistical models to capture protein-RNA interaction footprints from truncation-based CLIP-seq dataJan 2019
Luigi SbailòEfficient multi-scale sampling methods in statistical physicsSep 2019
Hongqing HanTowards accurate and efficient live cell imaging data analysisDec 2019
Stefan BudachExplainable Deep Learning Models for Biological Sequence ClassificationDec 2019
Lisa Barros de Andrade e SousaUsing interpretable machine learning to understand gene silencing dynamics during X-chromosome inactivationJan 2020
Tobias ZehnderComputational approaches for the prediction of gene regulatory elements and the analysis of their evolutionary conservationSep 2020
David HellerStructural variant calling using third-generation sequencing dataSep 2020
Gal BarelNetwork propagation with node core for genotype-phenotype associations and module identificationSep 2020
Melissa BotheInvestigating the genomic effects of glucocorticoid receptor activation - an analysis of transcriptional memory and mechanisms that direct divergent genomic occupancy of related transcription factorsMar 2021
Roman Schulte-SasseIntegration of multi-omics data with graph convolutional networks to identify cancer-associated genesDec 2020
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