Scientific Services

Sequencing Core Facility
New sequencing technologies are currently revolutionizing the field of genomic research. They enable researchers to investigate (epi)genomes and transcriptomes at an unexampled depth and level of detail. Founded in 2007, the Sequencing Facility at the MPIMG is a central unit which provides its service to all research groups of the institute. Since 2010, the expertise is also provided to scientists outside the MPIMG and the group acquired the status of a Sequencing Core Facility for the institutes of the biological-medical section (BMS) of the Max Planck Society. more
Mass Spectrometry Facility

The mass spectrometry group is headed by David Meierhofer. Our own research focus is in the field of mitochondrial pathologigy. Furthermore, we provides mass spectrometry analysis for our entire institute in form of cooperation’s and service. External cooperations can be possible.

We are equipped with a QTrap 6500 (ESI and nanoESI) from ABSciex, a Q Exactive Plus (nanoESI) from Thermo Scientific and an Ultraflex II (MALDI) from Bruker Daltonics. ESI instruments are online coupled with nano- or UHPLC instruments.

Microscopy &Cryo Electron Microscopy

The microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy service group now combines the former microscopy group headed by Dr. Rudi Lurz from 1978 until his retirement in 2012 and the cryo-electron microscopy group which was installed in 2004 within the framework of Berlin-Brandenburg-wide research consortia “UltraStructure Network” (USN) and “Anwenderzentrum” (AWZ). Our group provides a broad range of imaging techniques for all departments and OWL research groups of the institute.

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