Yaspo lab / Research Group Gene Regulation & System Biology of Cancer


The Yaspo lab focuses on cancer genomics and systems biology of cancer, with a translational perspective in personalized medicine. Based on NGS technologies, our interests are centered on dissecting molecular landscapes of tumors for identifying pathway components and biomarkers associated with malignancy, and on exploring gene regulation networks operating in specific cancer entities. Onging cooperative projects address various aspects of cancer genomics in metastatic melanoma, early-onset prostate cancer, medulloblastoma, pediatric leukemia, and colorectal cancer.

We have developed powerful integrative NGS analysis pipelines exploiting simultaneously genome and transcriptome information. In particular, we promote the use of RNAseq in tumor profiling, detecting the consequences of somatic events at the gene expression levels, such as gene fusions, alternatively spliced isoforms, long non-coding RNAs, and epigenetic dysregulations.

Beyond primary tumor chracterisation, we are interested in identifying the nature of the stromal niche and immune infiltrates in various tumors, and in evaluating to which extend patient-derived model systems cell or xenografts, used in drug sensitivity assays, recapitulate the features of their donors.

Besides, we are developing NGS-based methods allowing a deep characterization of human immune cell repertoires and therefore the immune status in health and disease.

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