Department of Computational Molecular Biology

Department of Computational Molecular Biology

Head: Martin Vingron

The Department of Computational Molecular Biology comprises scientists coming from various backgrounds, ranging from mathematics, statistics and computer science via physics to biology and genetics. They combine theory and methods development with collaborative data analysis projects, and pursue biological questions through a combination of computational and experimental approaches. Methods from mathematics,
statistics, and computer science form the basis for the bioinformatics analyses performed. Projects may either approach biological questions through theoretical analysis, or may be collaborative projects, where frequent interaction and feedback between experimentalists and theoreticians drive the work forward.

The transcriptional regulation group pursues methods development and collaborative data analysis in the fields of transcription factor-based and epigenetic gene regulation, and works on analysis of genomic sequences in search for regulatory effects of mutations. more
Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation Group more
Chromatin Structure and Function Group more
Research Group Evolutionary Genomics more

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