Press releases

Large number of developmental genes occupy DNA loops only by themselves more

Researcher receives Mendel Medal for findings on gene regulation and genetic skeletal malformations more

Scientists observe cross-immunity against the coronavirus more

Methyltransferase Dnmt1 is not only responsible for maintenance more

Inactivation of the X chromosome is more dynamic and complex than previously thought more

Early sex differences

April 30, 2021

X-chromosomal influence makes female embryos grow more slowly more

165 new cancer genes identified with the help of machine learning more

Congenital malformation caused by a so far unknown disease mechanism more

Not all sperm are equal

February 04, 2021

How a genetic factor helps sperm cells outcompete their peers more

Tracing the path of leukemia

January 22, 2021

Chemical signature of chronic lymphocytic leukemia already present in the precancerous stage more

New animal model for GPI anchor deficiencies more

3D cell culturing technique could replace mouse embryos more

Scaffold of sub-cellular structures identified after a hundred years more

The interplay of many individual genetic variants defines the impact of carcinogenic mutations more

Award-winning doctoral thesis has been completed at the MPI for Molecular Genetics more

Duplications and inversions of DNA segments lead to the masculinization of female moles more

The company expand its technology portfolio to include precision dispensing technologies more

ERC Starting Grant to help explain stable gene expression more

Updated preprint published in Nature / Charité launches new study more

Epigenetic regulatory factors under scrutiny more

Hi-C method improves detection of breaks and rearrangements in the genome more

Newly discovered epigenetic regulatory mechanism rapidly adds and removes modifications from the DNA in human stem cells more

Biophysicist Edda Schulz included in the Lise Meitner Excellence program more

Berlin researchers discover new pathomechanism of hereditary diseases in cell condensates more

After five weeks of emergency operation, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics begins a cautious resumption of laboratory operations on April 27, 2020. With strict safety regulations, at least parts of the experimental lab work shall start again. more

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