Departments and Research Groups

Department of Developmental Genetics (Bernhard G. Herrmann)

Department of Developmental Genetics more

Department of Genome Regulation (Alexander Meissner)

Genome Regulation Group
Sofja Kovalevskaja Research Group Stem Cell Chromatin
Lab for Human Brain & Neural Stem Cell Studies
Precision Gene Control group
Cellular Phenotyping Group

Department of Computational Molecular Biology (Martin Vingron)

Transcriptional Regulation Group [more]
Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation Group [more]
Chromatin Structure and Function Group [more]
Bioinformatics Group [more]
Research Group Evolutionary Genomics [more]

Research Group Development & Disease

Development and Disease Research Group more
Heisenberg Research Group Veterinary Functional Genomics [more]
Chromosome Rearrangements and Disease [more]

Otto Warburg Laboratories

Max Planck Research Group Quantitative RNA Biology [more]
High-Resolution Neurogenetics [more]
Max Planck Research Group High-Resolution Functional Genomics [more]
Lise Meitner Research Group Systems Epigenetics [more]
Research Group Gene Regulation & System Biology of Cancer [more]

Max Planck Fellow

Research Group Efficient Algorithms for Omics Data more

Scientific Services

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