Landkarte der Embryonalentwicklung

A landscape of mammalian development

February 20, 2019

New technology enables single cell analysis of mouse embryonic development

Chromatin-Struktur legt Enhancer still

Chromatin structure mutes enhancer activity

September 27, 2018

Dynamic changes in the structure of chromatin control the development of arms and legs

Aktueller Forschungsbericht des MPIMG veröffentlicht

New Research Report of the MPIMG published

covering research of the MPIMG between 2015 and 2018

Dahlem Colloquia

Dahlem Colloquia

The Institute regularly invites internationally renowned researchers to give lectures as part of the Dahlem Colloquia series. All lectures are held in English. Everybody is welcome!



The International Max Planck Research School for Biology And Computation (IMPRS-BAC) is a graduate program at the interface of molecular life sciences and computational sciences.

Nächstes Dahlem Colloqium

Next Dahlem Colloquium

May 16th, 2019, 3 pm

Markus Elsner
Senior Editor: Nature Biotechnology
"How to get published-Perspectives from a Nature Biotechnology editor"

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