Swiss Army Knife for Genome Research

November 08, 2019

The new multifunctional tool CRUP makes the prediction of enhancer regions in the genome quick and easy, and thereby making the method more accessible to other researchers.


Decisions at the crossroads of cellular life

October 23, 2019

During the transition phase between the stem cell state and specialized cells, a molecular barrier is established. It controls the efficiency of reprogramming


“There is no reason for germline therapy”

October 16, 2019

Stefan Mundlos, from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, explains why there will be no designer babies in the near future


Next Dahlem Colloquium

November 15th, 2019, 11 am

Maria Barna
Stanford University, California

Ribosomes in Gene Regulation: Controlling the diversity of proteins made in specific cells, tissues & organisms


Next Dahlem Colloquium

December 6th, 2019, 11 am

Déborah Bourc'his
Development, Biology, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Protect or program: the dichotomy of DNA methylation in spermatogenesis



The International Max Planck Research School for Biology And Computation (IMPRS-BAC) is a graduate program at the interface of molecular life sciences and computational sciences.

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