Unexpectedly potent protein droplets

May 07, 2020

Repeats of individual building blocks within proteins are the cause of many hereditary diseases, but how such repeats actually cause disease is still largely unknown. The disease synpolydactyly is caused by an alternation of attractive forces between the proteins that cause them to change their behavior in fine droplets in the cell.

Research institute carefully starts lab operation again

April 27, 2020

After five weeks of emergency operation, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics begins a cautious resumption of laboratory operations on April 27, 2020. With strict safety regulations, at least parts of the experimental lab work shall start again.

Joining forces for the science metropolis

February 20, 2020

To strengthen Berlin as an international science hub, the capital's non-university research institutions have come together to form Berlin Research 50 (BR 50). Together, they want to develop research strategies and foster dialogue between science, politics and society.

Dahlem Colloquia

The Institute regularly invites internationally renowned researchers to give lectures as part of the Dahlem Colloquia series. All lectures are held in English. Everybody is welcome!


The International Max Planck Research School for Biology And Computation (IMPRS-BAC) is a graduate program at the interface of molecular life sciences and computational sciences.

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