Computational Genomics

Kretzmer Lab

We are a computational group with a specific research interest in developmental scenarios where the regulation of the genome changes, focusing on the molecular cause and consequence. Why do these epigenomes change so dramatically and what enzymes are responsible? We are particularly interested in the early stages of mammalian development, B cell maturation, and cancer, as all of these processes are marked by genome-wide epigenetic programming.

We tackle biological questions computationally and work closely with experimental and clinical scientists. Our main expertise is in the integration of multiple forms of next- and third-generation sequencing data, including large single-cell, epigenomic and long-read Nanopore data, to better understand how genome regulation changes to support various developmental processes or malignant transformation. To this end, we develop algorithms and methods for advanced data integration and obtain novel readouts from cutting-edge technologies.

We work closely with several labs at the institute, especially the lab of Alexander Meissner and are also open to creative, collaborative project ideas with other labs. We strongly support an interdisciplinary, supportive and friendly work environment and are always looking for highly motivated computational Master and PhD students with a strong interest in epigenetic regulation.

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