Department of Genome Regulation

Head: Alexander Meissner

Meissner lab / Genome Regulation Group
The Genome Regulation Group is a mixed group of experimental and computational biologists that uses genomic tools to study developmental and stem cell biology with a particular interest in the role of epigenetic regulation. more
Bulut-Karslioglu lab / Stem Cell Chromatin Group<ins cite="#__target_object_not_reachable" datetime="2018-04-10T09:02"></ins>
The Bulut-Karslioglu lab aims to dissect the crosstalk between metabolism and chromatin in pluripotent stem cells.  Our research strategy integrates in vivo and in vitro techniques, biochemistry, imaging, molecular and developmental biology to study the above questions. more
Elkabetz lab / Lab for Human Brain &amp; Neural Stem Cell Studies
In the lab for Human Brain and Neural Stem Cell Studies we aim at developing experimental paradigms to systematically identify novel types of neural stem and progenitor cells that serve as building blocks for brain development. more
<p>Hnisz lab / Precision Gene Control group</p>
We discover and investigate principles and mechanisms for selective activation and repression of genes that play essential roles in development and disease. more
Müller lab / Cellular Phenotyping Group

We explore ways to define cellular phenotypes, developmental states and disease processes with genome wide measurements.



Michael J. Ziller, Juan A. Ortega, Katharina A. Quinlan, David P. Santos, Hongcang Gu, Eric J. Martin, Christina Galonska, Ramona Pop, Susanne Maidl, Alba Di Pardo, Mei Huang, Herbert Y. Meltzer, Andreas Gnirke, C.J. Heckman, Alexander Meissner & Evangelos Kiskinis
Dissecting the Functional Consequences of De Novo DNA Methylation Dynamics in Human Motor Neuron Differentiation and Physiology
Cell Stem Cell 22, 1–16, 05.04.2018, Elsevier Inc.
Jocelyn Charlton, Timothy L. Downing, Zachary D. Smith, Hongcang Gu, Kendell Clement, Ramona Pop, Veronika Akopian, Sven Klages, David P. Santos, Alexander M. Tsankov, Bernd Timmermann, Michael J. Ziller, Evangelos Kiskinis, Andreas Gnirke & Alexander Meissner
Global delay in nascent strand DNA methylation
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2018), online publication 12.03.2018
Christina Galonska, Jocelyn Charlton, Alexandra L. Mattei, Julie Donaghey, Kendell Clement, Hongcang Gu, Arman W. Mohammad, Elena K. Stamenova, Davide Cacchiarelli, Sven Klages, Bernd Timmermann, Tobias Cantz, Hans R. Schöler, Andreas Gnirke, Michael J. Ziller & Alexander Meissner
Genome-wide tracking of dCas9-methyltransferase footprints
Nature Communications 9(597), online publication 09.02.2018
Julie Donaghey, Sudhir Thakurela, Jocelyn Charlton, Jennifer S. Chen, Zachary D. Smith, Hongcang Gu, Ramona Pop, Kendell Clement, Elena K. Stamenova, Rahul Karnik, David R. Kelley, Casey A. Gifford, Davide Cacchiarelli, John L. Rinn, Andreas Gnirke, Michael J. Ziller & Alexander Meissner
Genetic determinants and epigenetic effects of pioneer-factor occupancy
Nature Genetics 50, 250–258, online publication 22.01.2018
Zachary D. Smith, Jiantao Shi, Hongcang Gu, Julie Donaghey, Kendell Clement, Davide Cacchiarelli, Andreas Gnirke, Franziska Michor & Alexander Meissner
Epigenetic restriction of extraembryonic lineages mirrors the somatic transition to cancer
Nature (2017), online publication Sept 20, 2017, doi:10.1038/nature23891
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