Department of Genome Regulation

Head: Alexander Meissner

The Genome Regulation Group is a mixed group of experimental and computational biologists that uses genomic tools to study developmental and stem cell biology with a particular interest in the role of epigenetic regulation. more
The Bulut-Karslioglu lab aims to dissect the crosstalk between metabolism and chromatin in pluripotent stem cells.  Our research strategy integrates in vivo and in vitro techniques, biochemistry, imaging, molecular and developmental biology to study the above questions. more
In the lab for Human Brain and Neural Stem Cell Studies we aim at developing experimental paradigms to systematically identify novel types of neural stem and progenitor cells that serve as building blocks for brain development. more
We discover and investigate principles and mechanisms for selective activation and repression of genes that play essential roles in development and disease. more
We explore ways to define cellular phenotypes, developmental states and disease processes with genome wide measurements. more


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