Welcome to the Postdoc Association (PDA) of the MPI for Molecular Genetics

The PDA represents all postdocs at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics. The association was established in January 2019.

What we want to promote:

> Networking and scientific collaboration among the postdocs of the MPIMG and of other institutes in Berlin (MDC, BIMSB, FMP…).
> Long-term and short-term career-related issues.
> Scientific discussion with established researchers.

What we organize:

> Monthly meetings with all postdocs of the MPIMG (intranet link) including a short presentation (project, technique, article, technical issue, new scientific idea, …) and a general discussion.
> Workshops and courses covering themes dedicated to boost postdocs’ careers (scientific article writing, grant proposal writing and presentation workshops, leadership course, …).
What When
Proposal writing workshop 11-12 December 2019
Leadership course 5-7 October 2020
Getting published and mastering peer review 19-20 November 2020
> Seminars given by late-stage postdocs and young group leaders.
Who When Position Institute
Sebastiaan van Heesch 5.11.19 Postdoc at Huebner Lab MDC, Berlin
Leo Guignard 3.2.20 Postdoc at Kainemueller Lab MDC, Berlin
Teresa Rayon 18.6.20 Postdoc at Briscoe Lab Crick, London
Miki Ebisuya 18.6.20 Group leader EMBL, Barcelona
Prosca Liberali 16.7.20 Group leader  FMI, Basal
Elzo de Wit 01.09.20 Group leader  NKI, Amsterdam
Alejo Rodriguez-Fraticelli 01.10.20 Postdoc at Camargo Lab Harvard, Boston
> Yearly PDA retreat.
> Round table discussion about career with established researchers invited to give a talk at our institute.

Regarding inquiries for research positions:

Postdoc applicants should directly contact PIs for available positions. Those interested in pursuing a PhD degree are encouraged to refer to the IMPRS website.

How to contact us:

Feel free to contact us at pda@molgen.mpg.de. Find more information on the Postdoc Association in the intranet of the MPIMG.
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