TREGeneration: Technological developments for the analysis of deep immune status

TREGeneration" EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

The analysis of immune cell repertoires using NGS techniques, is carried out by Dr. Hans-Jörg Warnatz.

We have developed a patent-pending technique for high-throughput paired amplification of antibody-encoding heavy and light immunoglobulin (Ig) chains from B cell populations ("PairedImmune" sequencing, International patent application PCT/EP2013/052328). The information on natively paired antibody-coding Ig gene pairs from populations of single B cells can be used for the generation of high-affinity antibodies useful as dignostics and passive vaccines. We have successfully applied this technique to peripheral B cells from a healthy donor, and we are now analyzing B cell populations from a healthy donor before and after a Tetanus vaccine boost.

In the new European "TREGeneration" project, has its goal to develop new strategies within clinical trials for the treatment of Graft versus Host Disease, a serious complication following bone marrow transplantation, our task is to characterize the T cell immune status of the patients and donors at key time points of the clinical trials.

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