Lab for Human Brain & Neural Stem Cell Studies

Elkabetz lab

In the lab for Human Brain and Neural Stem Cell Studies we aim at developing experimental paradigms to systematically identify novel types of neural stem and progenitor cells that serve as building blocks for brain development. Applying these paradigms on various neural differentiation schemes of human pluripotent stem cells allows us to identify and isolate new types of neural stem and progenitor cells, to characterize their cellular properties and molecular foundations, to expose their progenitor origin and track their imminent potential, to reveal their in vivo counterparts and learn about their regenerative potential.  Ultimately, we use all this information to establish innovative culture techniques for generating unlimited neural stem cell sources for the derivation of specific types of clinically relevant neuronal or glial cells, for their use in disease modelling and drug discovery platforms, and towards refining their efficacy for future cell replacement-based therapy.

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