IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

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IMPRS-CBSC Spring Colloqium

  • Date: Mar 9, 2016
  • Time: 16:00 - 18:30
  • Speaker: Wolfgang Kopp, Alexandra Reimers, Rosario Piro
  • Location: MPI-MG, tower 3, seminar room 1
  • Room: Seminar room 1
  • Host: Martin Vingron, Fabian Feutlinske
  • Contact:
At the regular colloquium of the IMPRS-CBSC, two PhD students and an invited speaker present their work.

All students are expected to participate in the colloquium of the IMPRS-CBSC, the central scientific event of the graduate school. The faculty members are cordially invited to join as well for talks and discussions.

4.00 pm Opening of the Spring Colloquium, Matters of the IMPRS-CBSC, Fabian Feutlinske

4.15 pm Xiao Liang, IMPRS-Student at the FUB, Reinert group

5.00 pm Coffee break

5.10 pm Kirsten Thobe, IMPRS-Student at the FUB, Siebert group

5.50 pm Invited Speaker: Rosario Piro, Junior Professor at the Institute for Computational Biology at FUB

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