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Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Tsaytler, P.; Liu, J.; Blaess, G.; Schifferl, D.; Veenvliet, J. V.; Wittler, L.; Timmermann, B.; Herrmann, B. G.; Koch, F.: BMP4 triggers regulatory circuits specifying the cardiac mesoderm lineage. Development, dev.201450 (2023)
Journal Article
Schifferl, D.; Scholze-Wittler, M.; Wittler, L.; Veenvliet, J. V.; Koch, F.; Herrmann, B. G.: A 37 kb region upstream of brachyury comprising a notochord enhancer is essential for notochord and tail development. Development 148 (23), dev200059 (2021)
Journal Article
Veenvliet, J. V.; Bolondi, A.; Kretzmer, H.; Haut, L.; Scholze-Wittler, M.; Schifferl, D.; Koch, F.; Guignard, L.; Sampath Kumar, A.; Pustet, M. et al.; Heimann, S.; Buschow, R.; Wittler, L.; Timmermann, B.; Meissner, A.; Herrmann, B. G.: Mouse embryonic stem cells self-organize into trunk-like structures with neural tube and somites. Science 370 (6522), eaba4937 (2020)
Journal Article
Koch, F.; Scholze, M.; Wittler, L.; Schifferl, D.; Sudheer, S.; Grote, P.; Timmermann, B.; Macura, K.; Herrmann, B. G.: Antagonistic Activities of Sox2 and Brachyury Control the Fate Choice of Neuro-Mesodermal Progenitors. Developmental Cell 42, pp. 514 - 526 (2017)

Thesis - Master (1)

Thesis - Master
Schifferl, D.: An Investigation of T and Sox2 Enhancer Elements in the Mouse Embryo. Master (2015)
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