Microscopy booking system

Please, use the online booking system to make a reservation for using our in-house light microscopes. Please also note, that a laser safety instruction is mandatory prior to using any of the laser scanning microscopes. Contact the laser safety officer (currently , phone: 1644) before using these instruments.

For booking the

  • LSM700 (upright confocal laser scanning microscope)
  • LSM510 meta (inverse confocal laser scanning microscope)
  • Z1-Imager (upright epifluorescence microscope)

use the link to the microscopy booking system:

For booking the

  • Z1-Observer (inverse epifluorescence microscope equipped with life-cell imaging incubator)
  • Aria II Flow Cytometer (FACS)

use the link to the internal MPIMG booking system:


For using other instruments not listed here, please contact us directly.

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