Instrumentation of the microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy group

Light microscopy

The listed light microscopes are oparated as shared equipment and are available for all members of the institute. Please, use the online booking system to make a reservation on any of these microscopes.

Please also note, that a laser safety instruction is mandatory prior to using any of the laser scanning microscopes. To get the instruction, contact the laser safety officer (currently Thorsten Mielke, phone: 1644).

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope Zeiss LSM700 (Tower 1, room R218)
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope Zeiss LSM510meta (Tower 4, room R2.010)
  • Two-photon confocal laser-scanning microscope LSM710NLO
  • Fluorescence microscope Zeiss Axioimager Z1 (Tower 4, room R2.010)
  • Inverse fluorescence microscope Zeiss Axio-Observer Z1 equipped with life-cell imaging incubator (Tower 4, room R2.010)
  • Zeiss lightsheet.Z1 microscope (Tower 4, room K4.200/202)

Electron microscopy

  • 300 kV Tecnai G2 Polara (FEI) equipped with a 2kx2k Gatan Orius CCD camera and a Gatan k2summit direct electron detector
  • 120 kV Tecnai Spirit (FEI) equipped with a 4kx4k F416 CMOS camera (TVIPS), tomography holder and a Gatan cryo holder
  • 100 kV Philips CM100 equipped with a 1kx1k Fastscan CCD camera (TVIPS) and an Oxford cryo holder
  • 100 kV Morgagni 268D (FEI)

Grid preparation and coating systems

  • Leica UC7 ultramicrotome with FC7 cryo-chamber
  • Ultracut E ultramicrotome (Reichert-Jung/Leitz)
  • VitrobotTM freeze-plunger (FEI)
  • Gatan cryoplunge cryo-fixation device
  • Denton Bench Top Turbo IV Coating System
  • Edwards E306A coating system
  • EPA100 based high vacuum turbo pump system (NT450, Leypold-Heraeus), which can be used for evaporation of carbon and metals using a Balzers electron gun, sputter coating using a PSC Ia neutral particle gun (Gatan) and shadowing of freeze dried samples using an EPA100 freeze-drier (Leypold-Heraeus)

Scanner and image analysis

  • Nicon Coolscan Scanner
  • Optical diffractometer (Sira Electro-Optics Ltd.)
  • Linux Cluster (~500 CPU-Cores based on a Quad-Opteron architecture)
  • 2x 64-Core Server
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