Our light microscopes are operated as shared equipment and are available to all members of the institute. Please, use our internal  online booking system to make a reservation for any facility microscope. Additional microscopes hosted by individual research groups can be used upon request. Please note that all users require an instrument-specific introduction and user training by the microscopy service group, regardless of their microscopy background. For operating laser scanning microscopes, an additional laser safety instruction is obligatory. Please also note our internal access rules for the use of our facility microscopes. Contact the microscopy service group in time before starting your experiments.

See our internal pages for more detailed information on individual instrument configurations.


Light microscopy

  • Zeiss Z1 Observer: inverted epifluorescence microscope
  • Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7: automated screening microscope
  • Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 confocal: automated screening microscope with confocal unit
  • Zeiss Observer 7: inverted epifluorescence microscope (Dept. Meissner)
  • Zeiss Z1 Axio-Imager: upright epifluorescence microscope
  • Zeiss Z1 Observer: inverted epifluorescence microscope (Dept. Herrmann)
  • Zeiss V16 Axiozoom: stereo zoom microscope (Dept. Herrmann)
  • Cellomics Arrayscan: automated HCS screening microscope
  • Zeiss LSM 700: confocal laser scanning microscope
  • Zeiss LSM880-1: confocal laser scanning microscope with fast Airyscan
  • Zeiss LSM880-2: NLO confocal laser scanning microscope with 2 photon laser and fast Airyscan
  • Zeiss Z1 Lightsheet microscope
  • Leica Stellaris Tau-STED confocal laser scanning microscope with FLIM
  • Nanolive CX-A holotomography system


Electron microscopy

  • 300 kV Tecnai G2 Polara (FEI) equipped with a 2kx2k Orius CCD camera and a k2summit direct electron detector (Gatan)
  • 120 kV Tecnai Spirit (FEI) equipped with a 4kx4k F416 CMOS camera (TVIPS), tomography holder and a Gatan 626 cryo holder
  • 100 kV Philips CM100 equipped with a 1kx1k Fastscan CCD camera (TVIPS)


Sample preparation

  • Leica EM TRIM2 milling machine
  • Leica UC7 ultramicrotome with FC7 cryo-chamber
  • Leica VT1200S vibratome with vibrocheck and cooling unit
  • Harrick and Fischione Model 1070 Nanoclean plasma cleaner
  • VitrobotTM Mark II and Mark IV plunge-freezer (FEI)
  • Denton Bench Top Turbo IV Coating System
  • Edwards E306A coating system


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