Light microscopy

In light-microscopy, we support a broad range of epifluorescence and confocal microscopes including an Axio-Imager Z1, a LSM510meta, a LSM 700 (all instruments from Zeiss) and a Cellomics hight-content array scanner (Thermo-Fischer Scientific), which are operated as shared equipment. Driven by the OWL group of Edda Schulz, the institute acquired a new inverse Axio-Observer Z1 fluorescence microscope (Zeiss), which is equipped for a life-cell-imaging. Furthermore, the institute hosts a LSM710NLO two-photon laser-scanning microscope (Department Herrmann), which was especially configured for two-photon imaging, but can also be used for more routine LSM applications. Since imaging of large scale biological objects such as mouse, zebrafish or chicken embryos becomes increasingly important for many groups studying developmental or disease processes, the institute acquired a Zeiss lightsheet.Z1 microscope in 2015. Lightsheet-technology allows for imaging of fixed and living samples with up to 5 mm thickness (10 mm when imaging from two sides). Besides technical support and maintenance, our group also provides user training and assist all users within the institute in performing specific experiments and implementing new techniques such as e.g. life cell imaging. Please contact us in case you have any question regarding your light microscopy experiments


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