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Berghöfer, J.; Khaveh, N.; Mundlos, S.; Metzger, J.: Simultaneous testing of rule- and model-based approaches for runs of homozygosity detection opens up a window into genomic footprints of selection in pigs. BMC Genomics 23, 564 (2022)
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Peng, S.; Dahlgren, A. R.; Hales , E. N.; Barber, A. M.; Kalbfleisch, T.; Petersen, J. L.; Bellone, R. R.; Mackowski, M.; Cappelli, K.; Capomaccio, S. et al.; Coleman, S. J.; Distl, O.; Giulotto, E.; Waud, B.; Hamilton , N. A.; Leeb, T.; Lindgren , G.; Lyons, L. A.; McCue, M.; MacLeod, J. N.; Metzger, J.; Mickelson, J. R.; Murphy, B. A.; Orlando, L.; Penedo, C.; Raudsepp, T.; Strand, E.; Tozaki , T.; Trachsel, D. S.; Velie, B. D.; Wade, C. M.; Cieslak, J.; Finno, J. C.: Long-read RNA Sequencing Improves the Annotation of the Equine Transcriptome. bioRxiv, 495038 (2022)
Journal Article
Halecker, S.; Metzger, J.; Strube, C.; Krabben, L.; Kaufer, B.; Denner, J.: Virological and Parasitological Characterization of Mini-LEWE Minipigs Using Improved Screening Methods and an Overview of Data on Various Minipig Breeds. Microorganisms 9 (12), (12):2617 (2021)
Journal Article
Schachler, K.; Distl, O.; Metzger, J.: Tracing selection signatures in the pig genome gives evidence for selective pressures on a unique curly hair phenotype in Mangalitza. Scientific Reports 2020, 10: 22142 (2020)
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