Dahlem Colloquia in Molecular Genetics

Ort: Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

Mikko Taipale: Functional proteomics by induced proximity

Dahlem Colloquium
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Elly Tanaka: Cell position and identity during successful and unsuccessful limb regeneration

Dahlem Colloquium

Susan Gasser: Stabilizing the genome and cell-type specific gene expression through heterochromatin

Most of the work in Oded's lab is focused on transgenerational inheritance in general, and how neurons generate heritable memories in particular (see eg. Neuronal Small RNAs Control Behavior Transgenerationally). However, to quote Oded himself: "Everything connects in the end. We try very hard to let our curiosity guide us, and when the muse calls, we don't get in its way. "As a result, his lab has hijacked brain parasites to deliver therapeutic proteins in the brain and collaborated with biblical scholars, ancient DNA and metagenomics experts to piece together Dead Sea Scrolls fragments by sequencing ancient DNA obtained from the animal skin the scrolls are made of. I suggest you check out the paper published recently in Cell, it's certainly a most fascinating paper.Oded is also well-known for the radical ways he tries to transform science communication (see eg. https://www.woodstock.bio/).If you are interested in this virtual Dahlem Colloquium, please drop host Jesse Veenvliet an email to get a link to the meeting. [mehr]
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