Active Fatherhood

Active Fatherhood

July 26, 2023

We highly value the compatibility of having both a family and a career and we strive to make this possible at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics. At the same time, reconciling work and family life is no longer a women's specific concern. We support the active involvement of fathers in strategies to reconcile work and private life and share care responsibilities by encouraging them to take parental leave or adjust their working hours. We also aim at deconstructing gender stereotypes by increasing the awareness of active fatherhood and appreciating male colleagues in their dual roles as employees and fathers. 

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Podcast: Echte Papas  (in German)

Marco, editorial director of Men's Health DAD, and Florian, photographer and media person, talk about life as fathers: in pairs and with mothers, other fathers, experts such as coaches and doctors, and generally with everyone who has a lot of knowledge or an opinion on these topics. The topics are among others: compatibility of job and family, birth preparation courses especially for men, learning from mothers and vice versa, the first KiTA day, and so on....


Männer allein zu Haus  (in German)

Being a househusband is still the exception. But a few still dare to take the step. The ZDF report "Männer allein zu Haus" (Men alone at home) followed two fathers who got involved in the role reversal as they care for their children and carry out household tasks. 


Rabenväter oder Super Dads?  (in German)

The role of dad has never been as versatile as it is today. And more and more men are taking advantage of this opportunity. Do they see these opportunities as a challenge, an overload, or a new freedom?



mä (in German)

When men and fathers are looking for counselling and support services for themselves, they often do not know where and how to find them. The Bundesforum Männer e.V. developed the website mä offering counselling services to men. mä supports men in finding counselling and help options quickly and directly. By entering your postcode and the counselling topic you are looking for, you can find out about the offers in your area in just a few steps.

You can find out about current conferences, congresses and other events via the Bundesforum's event calendar.



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