Useful resources throughout your PhD

June 09, 2022

Here is a list of resources that might be useful to you during your PhD.

Feel free to suggest more ideas!

Feel free to suggest more ideas!


All employees at the MPIGM have access to the MAX platform, the intranet of the Max Planck Society. To connect, select “Other Users” in the “Choose your institution” menu, enter your personal number (you can find it on your salary sheet) and your @molgen email password. 


If you are struggling with problems that affect your mental health and well-being, don't stay without talking about it! You are not the only one and there is no shame in feeling down and asking for help. There are several solutions available to you:


You can take advantage of tools, coaching & training offers available to you at the Planck Academy (MAX platform). 


You can access the inhouse Github here.

Nordmann et al., 2022, Data Visualization Using R for Researchers Who Do Not Use R (Paper and Bookdown for working through tutorial)


The Linux Command Line, by William Shotts


The Max Planck Society has a licence with unlimited access to all online trainings and tools. You can find more information here: Click on “Sign in to get started” to create an account with your MPIMG email address. 


Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach by Compeau and Pevzner (textbook + videos): 


The Planck Academy offers a webinar on Improved Reading. You can find more details here


Mensh & Kording, 2017, Ten simple rules for structuring papers.

Helmut Grubmüller, 2020, Scientific Writing: The Art of Programming Brains


All MPG employees have access to Biorender. Please check carefully the licensing terms beforehand. 


How to create a better research poster in less time


Time to rethink the scientific CV, Nature 604, 203-205 (2022)

Amidi & Amidi, 2018, Super VIP Cheatsheet: Machine Learning


fu:stat is the statistical consulting unit of the FU-Berlin, offering statistical consulting as well as statistical methods and software training. You can find more information here.


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