More Herwig publications

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  • F Dreher et al. (2012)
    DIPSBC - data integration platform for systems biology collaborations.
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    IntScore: a web tool for confidence scoring of biological intractions.
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  • F Dreher et al (2012)
    DIPSBC - Data Integration Platform for Systems Biology Collaborations.
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    Prediction in the face of uncertainty: a Monte Carlo-based approach for systems biology of cancer treatment.
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  • T Meinel, MR Schweiger, AH Ludewig, R Chenna, S Krobitsch, R Herwig (2011)
    Ortho2ExpressMatrix - a web server that interprets cross-species gene expression data by gene family information.
    BMC Genomics, 12 (1): 483
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    Meta-analysis of heterogeneous Down Syndrome data reveals consistent genome-wide dosage effects related to neurological processes.
    BMC Genomics, 12: 229
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    Tissue Eng Part C Methods
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    ARH: predicting splice variants from genome-wide data with modified entropy
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