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    Despang, A.; Schöpflin, R.; Franke, M.; Ali, S.; Jerković, I.; Paliou, C.; Chan, W.-L.; Timmermann, B.; Wittler, L.; Vingron, M. et al.; Mundlos, S.; Ibrahim, D. M.: Functional dissection of the Sox9-Kcnj2 locus identifies nonessential and instructive roles of TAD architecture. Nature Genetics 51 (8), pp. 1263 - 1271 (2019)
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    Paliou, C.; Guckelberger, P.; Schöpflin, R.; Heinrich, V.; Esposito, A.; Chiariello, A. M.; Bianco, S.; Annunziatella, C.; Helmuth, J.; Haas, S. et al.; Jerković, I.; Brieske, N.; Wittler, L.; Timmermann, B.; Nicodemi, M.; Vingron, M.; Mundlos, S.; Andrey, G.: Preformed Chromatin Topology Assists Transcriptional Robustness of Shh during Limb Development. bioRxiv (Preprint Server) 2019, 528877 (2019)
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    Frints, S. G. M.; Hennig, F.; Colombo, R.; Jacquemont, S.; Terhal, P.; Zimmerman, H. H.; Hunt, D.; Mendelsohn, B. A.; Kordaß, U.; Webster, R. et al.; Sinnema, M.; Abdul‐Rahman, O.; Suckow, V.; Fernández‐Jaén, A.; van Roozendaal, K.; Stevens, S. J. C.; Macville, M. V. E.; Al‐Nasiry, S.; van Gassen, K.; Utzig, N.; Koudijs, S. M.; McGregor, L.; Maas, S. M.; Baralle, D.; Dixit, A.; Wieacker, P.; Lee, M.; Lee, A. S.; Engle, E. C.; Houge, G.; Velasco, D.; Hennekam, R. C.; Hirata, H.; Kalscheuer, V. M.: Deleterious de novo variants of X‐linked ZC4H2 in females cause a variable phenotype with neurogenic arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Human Mutation 2019 (2019)
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    Kraft, K.; Magg, A.; Heinrich, V.; Riemenschneider, C.; Schöpflin, R.; Markowski, J.; Ibrahim, D.; Acuna-Hidalgo, R.; Despang, A.; Andrey, G. et al.; Wittler, L.; Timmermann, B.; Vingron, M.; Mundlos, S.: Serial genomic inversions induce tissue-specific architectural stripes, gene misexpression and congenital malformations. Nature Cell Biology 21 (3), pp. 305 - 310 (2019)
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    Khayat, W.; Hackett , A.; Shaw, M.; Ilie , A.; Dudding-Byth , T.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Christie , L.; Corbett , M. A.; Juusola , J.; Friend, K. L. et al.; Kirmse , B. M.; Gecz , J.; Field, M.; Orlowski, J.: A recurrent missense variant in SLC9A7 causes nonsyndromic X-linked intellectual disability with alteration of Golgi acidification and aberrant glycosylation. Human Molecular Genetics 28 (4), pp. 598 - 614 (2019)
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    Hosseini, M.; Fattahi, Z.; Abedini, S. S.; Hu, H.; Ropers, H. H.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Najmabadi, H.; Kahrizi, K.: GPR126: A novel candidate gene implicated in autosomal recessive intellectual disability. Am J Med Genet A 179 (1), pp. 13 - 19 (2019)
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    Kahrizi, K.; Hu, H.; Hosseini, M.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Fattahi, Z.; Beheshtian, M.; Suckow, V.; Mohseni, M.; Lipkowitz, B.; Mehvari, S. et al.; Mehrjoo, Z.; Akhtarkhavari, T.; Ghaderi, Z.; Rahimi, M.; Arzhangi, S.; Jamali, P.; Falahat Chian, M.; Nikuei , P.; Sabbagh Kermani, F.; Sadeghinia, F.; Jazayeri , R.; Tonekaboni, S. H.; Khoshaeen, A.; Habibi, H.; Pourfatemi, F.; Mojahedi , F.; Khodaie‐Ardakani, M.; Najafipour, R.; Wienker, T. F.; Najmabadi , H.; Ropers, H.-H.: Effect of inbreeding on intellectual disability revisited by Trio sequencing. Clinical Genetics: an international journal of genetics in medicine 95 (1), pp. 151 - 159 (2019)

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    Despang, A.; Schöpflin, R.; Franke, M.; Ali, S.; Jerkovic, I.; Paliou, C.; Chan, W.-L.; Timmermann, B.; Wittler, L.; Vingron, M. et al.; Mundlos, S.; Ibrahim, D. M.: Functional dissection of TADs reveals non-essential and instructive roles in regulating gene expression, (2019)
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    Bridavsky, M.; Kuhl, H.; Woodruff, A.; Kornak, U.; Timmermann, B.; Mages, N.; 99 Lives Consortium; Lupiáñez, D. G.; Symmons, O.; Ibrahim, D. M.: Crowdfunded whole-genome sequencing of the celebrity cat Lil BUB identifies causal mutations for her osteopetrosis and polydactyly, (2019)
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