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    Journal Article
    Kraft, K.; Geuer, S.; Will, A. J.; Chan, W. L.; Paliou, C.; Borschiwer, M.; Harabula, I.; Wittler, L.; Franke, M.; Ibrahim, D. et al.; Kragesteen, B. K.; Spielmann, M.; Mundlos, S.; Lupianez, D. G.; Andrey, G.: Deletions, Inversions, Duplications: Engineering of Structural Variants using CRISPR/Cas in Mice. Cell Reports 10 (5), pp. 833 - 839 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Spielmann, M.; Brancati, F.; Krawitz, P. M.; Robinson, P. N.; Ibrahim, D. M.; Franke, M.; Hecht, J.; Lohan, S.; Dathe, K.; Nardone, A. M. et al.; Ferrari, P.; Landi, A.; Wittler, L.; Timmermann, B.; Chan, D.; Mennen, U.; Klopocki, E.; Mundlos, S.: Homeotic arm-to-leg transformation associated with genomic rearrangements at the PITX1 locus. American Journal of Human Genetics 91 (4), pp. 629 - 635 (2012)

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    Conference Paper
    Schöpflin, R.; Andrey, G.; Heinrich, V.; Franke, M.; Ibrahim, D.; Paliou, C.; Mundlos, S.; Vingron, M.: Identification of potential regulatory elements in Capture-C interaction profiles. In: Genome Regulation in 3D. Genome Regulation in 3D, Rehovot, Israel, June 28, 2015 - June 30, 2015. Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel (2015)

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    Despang, A.; Schöpflin, R.; Franke, M.; Ali, S.; Jerkovic, I.; Paliou, C.; Chan, W.-L.; Timmermann, B.; Wittler, L.; Vingron, M. et al.; Mundlos, S.; Ibrahim, D. M.: Functional dissection of TADs reveals non-essential and instructive roles in regulating gene expression, (2019)
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