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Kunde, S. A.; Musante, L.; Grimme, A.; Fischer, U.; Muller, E.; Wanker, E. E.; Kalscheuer, V. M.: The X-chromosome-linked intellectual disability protein PQBP1 is a component of neuronal RNA granules and regulates the appearance of stress granules. Hum Mol Genet 20 (24), S. 4916 - 31 (2011)
Musante, L.; Kunde, S.-A.; Sulistio, T. O.; Frints, S. G.M.; Schwartz, C. E.; Martínez, F.; Romano, C.; Ropers, H.-H.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Fischer, U. et al.; Grimme, A.: Common pathological mutations in PQBP1 induce nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and enhance exclusion of the mutant exon. Human Mutation 31 (1), S. 90 - 98 (2010)
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