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Leonov, A. A.; Sergiev, P. V.; Bodganov, A. A.; Brimacombe, R.; Dontsova, O. A.: Affinity purification of ribosomes with a lethal G2655C mutation in 23 S rRNA that affects the translocation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (28), S. 25664 - 25670 (2003)
Rinke-Appel, J.; Osswald, M.; von Knoblauch, K.; Mueller, F.; Brimacombe, R.; Sergiev, P.; Avdeeva, O.; Bogdanov, A.; Dontsova, O.: Crosslinking of 4.5S RNA to the Escherichia coli ribosome in the presence or absence of the protein Ffh. RNA 8 (5), S. 612 - 625 (2002)
Avdeeva, O. N.; Myasnikov, A. G.; Sergiev, P. V.; Bogdanov, A. A.; Brimacombe, R.; Dontsova, O. A.: Construction of the minimal SRP that interacts with the translating ribosome but not with specific membrane receptors in Escherichia coli. FEBS Letters 514 (1), S. 70 - 73 (2002)
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