How to create a recorded talk

as part of your IMPRS-BAC application

January 20, 2021

You are here because you have been asked to send us a recorded talk about a research project as part of the application to the IMPRS-BAC.

Please create an .mp4 file of this 10-minute talk by January 27th, and either email it to or drop the file here: .

Below are instructions of how to create this file using the popular free software Zoom. Other options are of course available.

Ideally the view in your video should look like this (full screen, small speaker window)
  • Open your prepared presentation

  • Start Zoom

  • Make sure microphone and camera are switched on. If you do not have access to a camera, a microphone is sufficient

  • Click on "Record"

  • Click on "Share Screen", select the window with your presentation

  • If possible, view the presentation in full screen and have the small speaker window visible in a corner

  • Give your presentation as you would to an audience.

  • After your talk, stop sharing, stop recording, end meeting

  • Your recording is now being converted to .mp4

  • Send this .mp4 file to the IMPRS at or drop it at (it will not be visible to other candidates).

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