Prof. Dr. Alexander Bockmayr - Mathematics in Life Sciences at FU Berlin

  • 1985 Diploma in Mathematics,  Technical University of Munich
  • 1990 Doctorate in Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe
  • 1996 Habilitation in Computer Science, Saarland University
  • 1990-1998 Group leader, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, Saarbrücken
  • 1998-2004 Professor, University Henri Poincaré,  and head of MODBIO project-team, LORIA/INRIA Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • 2004-present Professor, Chair of Mathematics in Life Sciences, Free University Berlin and DFG Research Center Matheon.

Research interests

  • Computational molecular biology, computational structural biology, computational systems biology
  • Discrete optimization, constraint programming, integer programming
  • Computational logic, verification, hybrid discrete/continuous systems

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