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Koch, F.; Scholze, M.; Wittler, L.; Schifferl, D.; Sudheer, S.; Grote, P.; Timmermann, B.; Macura, K.; Herrmann, B. G.: Antagonistic Activities of Sox2 and Brachyury Control the Fate Choice of Neuro-Mesodermal Progenitors. Developmental Cell 42, pp. 514 - 526 (2017)
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Cauchy, P.; Koch, F.; Andrau, J.-C.: Two possible modes of pioneering associated with combinations of H2A.Z and p300/CBP at nucleosome-occupied enhancers. Transcription 8 (3), pp. 179 - 184 (2017)
Journal Article
Fenouil, R.; Descostes, N.; Spinelli, .; Koch, F.; Maqbool, M. A.; Benoukraf, T.; Cauchy, P.; Innocenti , C.; Ferrier , P.; Andrau, J.-C.: Pasha: a versatile R package for piling chromatin HTS data. Bioinformatics 32 (16), pp. 2528 - 2530 (2016)
Journal Article
Descostes, N.; Heidemann, M.; Spinelli, L.; Schüller, R.; Maqbool, M. A.; Fenouil, R.; Koch, F.; Innocenti, C.; Gut, M.; Gut, I. et al.; Eick, D.; Andrau, J.-C.: Tyrosine phosphorylation of RNA polymerase II CTD is associated with antisense promoter transcription and active enhancers in mammalian cells. eLife 3, e02105 (2014)
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