Publications of Ruben Rosenkranz

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Journal Article
Tsend-Ayush, E.; Kortschak, R. D.; Bernard, P.; Lim, S. L.; Ryan, J.; Rosenkranz, R.; Borodina, T.; Dohm, J. C.; Himmelbauer, H.; Harley, V. R. et al.; Grützner, F.: Identification of mediator complex 26 (Crsp7) gametologs on platypus X1 and Y5 sex chromosomes: a candidate testis-determining gene in monotremes? Chromosome Research 20 (1), pp. 127 - 138 (2012)
Journal Article
Rosenkranz, R.; Borodina, T.; Lehrach, H.; Himmelbauer, H.: Characterizing the mouse ES cell transcriptome with Illumina sequencing. Genomics 92 (4), pp. 187 - 194 (2008)
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