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Puettmann, L.; Stehr, H.; Garshasbi, M.; Hu, H.; Kahrizi, K.; Lipkowitz, B.; Jamali, P.; Tzschach, A.; Najmabadi, H.; Ropers, H. H. et al.; Musante, L.; Kuss, A. W.: A novel ALDH5A1 mutation is associated with succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency and severe intellectual disability in an Iranian family. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 161A (8), pp. 1915 - 1922 (2013)
Journal Article
Weischenfeldt, J.; Simon, R.; Feuerbach, L.; Schlangen, K.; Weichenhan, D.; Minner, S.; Wuttig, D.; Warnatz, H. J.; Stehr, H.; Rausch, T. et al.; Jager, N.; Gu, L.; Bogatyrova, O.; Stutz, A. M.; Claus, R.; Eils, J.; Eils, R.; Gerhauser, C.; Huang, P. H.; Hutter, B.; Kabbe, R.; Lawerenz, C.; Radomski, S.; Bartholomae, C. C.; Falth, M.; Gade, S.; Schmidt, M.; Amschler, N.; Hass, T.; Galal, R.; Gjoni, J.; Kuner, R.; Baer, C.; Masser, S.; von Kalle, C.; Zichner, T.; Benes, V.; Raeder, B.; Mader, M.; Amstislavskiy, V.; Avci, M.; Lehrach, H.; Parkhomchuk, D.; Sultan, M.; Burkhardt, L.; Graefen, M.; Huland, H.; Kluth, M.; Krohn, A.; Sirma, H.; Stumm, L.; Steurer, S.; Grupp, K.; Sultmann, H.; Sauter, G.; Plass, C.; Brors, B.; Yaspo Lehrach, M. L.; Korbel, J. O.; Schlomm, T.: Integrative genomic analyses reveal an androgen-driven somatic alteration landscape in early-onset prostate cancer. Cancer Cell 23 (2), pp. 159 - 70 (2013)
Journal Article
Stehr, H.; Jang, S. H.; Duarte, J. M.; Wierling, C.; Lehrach, H.; Lappe, M.; Lange, B. M.: The structural impact of cancer-associated missense mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Molecular Cancer 10, p. 54 (2011)
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Sathyapriya, R.; Duarte, J. M.; Stehr, H.; Filippis, I.; Lappe, M.: Defining an essence of structure determining residue contacts in proteins. PLoS Computational Biology 5 (12), p. e1000584 - e1000584 (2009)
Journal Article
Lappe, M.; Bagler, G.; Filippis, I.; Stehr, H.; Duarte, J. M.; Sathyapriya, R.: Designing evolvable libraries using multi-body potentials. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 24 (4), pp. 437 - 446 (2009)
Journal Article
Bolser, D. M.; Filippis, I.; Stehr, H.; Duarte, J.; Lappe, M.: Residue contact-count potentials are as effective as residue-residue contact-type potentials for ranking protein decoys. BMC Structural Biology 8, p. 53 - 53 (2008)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Stehr, H.: Graph-based Approaches to Protein Structure- and Function Prediction. Dissertation, Universität Berlin, Berlin (2011)
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