Publications of Elisabeth Maschke-Dutz

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Journal Article
Wierling, C.; Kühn, A.; Hache, H.; Daskalaki, A.; Maschke-Dutz, E.; Peycheva, S.; Li, J.; Herwig, R.; Lehrach, H.: Prediction in the face of uncertainty: a Monte Carlo-based approach for systems biology of cancer treatment. Mutation Research-Genetic Toxixology and Environmental Mutagenesis 746 (2), pp. 163 - 170 (2012)
Journal Article
Vilardell, M.; Rasche, A.; Thormann, A.; Maschke-Dutz, E.; Perez-Jurado, L. A.; Lehrach, H.; Herwig, R.: Meta-analysis of heterogeneous Down Syndrome data reveals consistent genome-wide dosage effects related to neurological processes. BMC Genomics 12, p. 229 (2011)
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