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Röhr, C.; Kerick, M.; Fischer, A.; Kuehn, A.; Kashofer, K.; Timmermann, B.; Daskalaki, A.; Meinel, T.; Drichel, D.; Börno, S. et al.; Nowka, A.; Krobitsch, S.; McHardy, A. C.; Kratsch, C.; Becker, T.; Wunderlich, A.; Barmeyer, C.; Viertler, C.; Zatloukal, K.; Wierling, C.; Lehrach, H.; Schweiger, M.-R.: High-Throughput miRNA and mRNA Sequencing of Paired Colorectal Normal, Tumor and Metastasis Tissues and Bioinformatic Modeling of miRNA-1 Therapeutic Applications. PLoS One 8 (7), p. e67461 - e67461 (2013)
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