Publications of T. Kessler

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Kessler, T.; Hache, H.; Wierling, C.: Integrative analysis of cancer-related signaling pathways. Frontiers in Physiology 4, p. 4:124 - 4:124 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, J.; Pandey, V.; Kessler, T.; Lehrach, H.; Wierling, C.: Modeling of miRNA and drug action in the EGFR signaling pathway. PLoS One 7 (1), e30140 (2012)
Journal Article
Müller, H.; Schmidt, D.; Steinbrink, S.; Mirgorodskaya, E.; Lehmann, V.; Habermann, K.; Dreher, F.; Gustavsson, N.; Kessler, T.; Lehrach, H. et al.; Herwig, R.; Gobom, J.; Ploubidou, A.; Boutros, M.; Lange, B. M.: Proteomic and functional analysis of the mitotic Drosophila centrosome. The EMBO Journal 29 (19), pp. 3344 - 3357 (2010)
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