The Flow Cytometry Lab operates two cell sorters (BD FACSAriaII and BD FACSAria Fusion, FACS room: K4 2.12, phone -1543) and two cell analyser (BD FACSCelesta, Accuri), which are state-of-the-art instruments.

For further details, please see the sorter’s configurations. Note, the Fusion has a UV (355 nm) and a violet (405 nm) laser. So for detection of Dapi, Hoechst or Brilliant UV (BUV)- and BrilliantViolet(BV) dyes, Pacific blue, Pacific Orange, V500, V450..., you can only use the Fusion. Propidium iodide (PI), CFP, YFP, Venus, GFP, mCherry, dTomato, RFP, dsRed, PE, FITC, PerCP, APC, Alexa647, Alexa633, Alexa488, APC-Cy7, Pe-Cy7 among others can be detected on both FACS machines.

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