About the Library

About the Library

The library at the MPI for Molecular Genetics is a special scientific library. The main responsibility is to offer the scientific literature as comprehensively as possible primarily to the institute's staff. The library collection is focused on the fields of research covered by the departments, OWL-groups (Otto-Warburg-Laboratory) and service groups at the institute: Computational Molecular Biology, Developmental Genetics, Genome Regulation, Development & Disease, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy, Sequencing and Flow Cytometry.

  • Holding of about 40,000 volumes (monographs, journals, series)
  • Access to numerous electronic resources like e-journals, e-books and databases
  • Managing the institute's own publications via PuRe (Publication Repository of the MPG, formerly PubMan)

An own classification system is used for the arrangement of books and an online catalogue provides access to all literature held in the library as well as in the departments of the institute. Computing resources, including public computers, digital scanning and editing equipment are provided for the staff and guests of the MPI for Molecular Genetics.

Three ways to contact us:

  • Come to the library and visit us in our office (1st floor, tower 3, room 1.3.74)
  • Call us at +49 30 8413-1314
  • Send us an email at library@molgen.mpg.de
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