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Journal Article (2)

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    Journal Article
    Ralser, M.; Michel, S.; Breitenbach, M.: Sirtuins as regulators of the yeast metabolic network. Frontiers in Pharmacology 3, 3:32 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Timmermann, B.; Jarolim, S.; Russmayer, H.; Kerick, M.; Michel, S.; Krüger, A.; Bluemlein, K.; Laun, P.; Grillari, J.; Lehrach, H. et al.; Breitenbach, M.; Ralser, M.: A new dominant peroxiredoxin allele identified by whole-genome re-sequencing of random mutagenized yeast causes oxidant-resistance and premature aging. Aging (Albany NY) 2 (8), pp. 475 - 486 (2010)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

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    Thesis - Diploma
    Michel, S.: Identification of yeast longevity factors via competitive chronological aging experiments. Diploma, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Mainz (2010)
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