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    Journal Article
    Kähler, C.; Isensee, J.; Nonhoff, U.; Terrey, M.; Hucho, T.; Lehrach, H.; Krobitsch, S.: Ataxin-2-like is a regulator of stress granules and processing bodies. PLoS One 7 (11) (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Hallen, L.; Klein, H.; Stoschek, C.; Wehrmeyer, S.; Nonhoff, U.; Ralser, M.; Wilde, J.; Rohr, C.; Schweiger, M. R.; Zatloukal, K. et al.; Vingron, M.; Lehrach, H.; Konthur, Z.; Krobitsch, S.: The KRAB-containing zinc-finger transcriptional regulator ZBRK1 activates SCA2 gene transcription through direct interaction with its gene product, ataxin-2. Human Molecular Genetics 20, pp. 104 - 114 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Nonhoff, U.; Ralser, M.; Welzel, F.; Piccini, I.; Balzereit, D.; Yaspo, M.-L.; Lehrach, H.; Krobitsch, S.: Ataxin-2 interacts with the DEAD/H-box RNA helicase DDX6 and interferes with P-bodies and stress granules. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18 (4), pp. 1385 - 1396 (2007)
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    Journal Article
    Ralser, M.; Nonhoff, U.; Albrecht, M.; Lengauer, T.; Wanker, E. E.; Lehrach, H.; Krobitsch, S.: Ataxin-2 and huntingtin interact with endophilin-A complexes to function in plastin-associated pathways. Human Molecular Genetics 14 (19), pp. 2893 - 2909 (2005)
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    Journal Article
    Ralser, M.; Albrecht, M.; Nonhoff, U.; Lengauer, T.; Lehrach, H.; Krobitsch, S.: An integrative approach to gain insights into the cellular function of human ataxin-2. Journal of Molecular Biology (London) 346 (1), pp. 203 - 214 (2005)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    Nonhoff, U.: Untersuchungen zur Rolle von Ataxin-2 im zellulären mRNA-Metabolismus. Dissertation, 141 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2007)
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