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Khaveh, N.; Schachler, K.; Berghöfer, J.; Jung, K.; Metzger, J.: Altered hair root gene expression profiles highlight calcium signaling and lipid metabolism pathways to be associated with curly hair initiation and maintenance in Mangalitza pigs. Frontiers in Genetics 14, 1184015 (2023)
Journal Article
Berghöfer, J.; Khaveh, N.; Mundlos, S.; Metzger, J.: Simultaneous testing of rule- and model-based approaches for runs of homozygosity detection opens up a window into genomic footprints of selection in pigs. BMC Genomics 23, 564 (2022)
Journal Article
Peng, S.; Dahlgren, A. R.; Hales , E. N.; Barber, A. M.; Kalbfleisch, T.; Petersen, J. L.; Bellone, R. R.; Mackowski, M.; Cappelli, K.; Capomaccio, S. et al.; Coleman, S. J.; Distl, O.; Giulotto, E.; Waud, B.; Hamilton , N. A.; Leeb, T.; Lindgren , G.; Lyons, L. A.; McCue, M.; MacLeod, J. N.; Metzger, J.; Mickelson, J. R.; Murphy, B. A.; Orlando, L.; Penedo, C.; Raudsepp, T.; Strand, E.; Tozaki , T.; Trachsel, D. S.; Velie, B. D.; Wade, C. M.; Cieslak, J.; Finno, J. C.: Long-read RNA Sequencing Improves the Annotation of the Equine Transcriptome. bioRxiv, 495038 (2022)
Journal Article
Halecker, S.; Metzger, J.; Strube, C.; Krabben, L.; Kaufer, B.; Denner, J.: Virological and Parasitological Characterization of Mini-LEWE Minipigs Using Improved Screening Methods and an Overview of Data on Various Minipig Breeds. Microorganisms 9 (12), (12):2617 (2021)
Journal Article
Schachler, K.; Distl, O.; Metzger, J.: Tracing selection signatures in the pig genome gives evidence for selective pressures on a unique curly hair phenotype in Mangalitza. Scientific Reports 2020, 10: 22142 (2020)
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