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Auzat, I.; Dröge, A.; Weise, F.; Lurz, R.; Tavares, P.: Origin and function of the two major tail proteins of bacteriophage SPP1. Molecular Microbiology 70 (3), pp. 557 - 569 (2008)
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Stelzl, U.; Worm, U.; Lalowski, M.; Haenig, C.; Brembeck, F. H.; Goehler, H.; Stroedicke, M.; Zenkner, M.; Schoenherr, A.; Koeppen, S. et al.; Timm, J.; Mintzlaff, S.; Abraham, C.; Bock, N.; Kietzmann, S.; Goedde, A.; Toksöz, E.; Droege, A.; Krobitsch, S.; Korn, B.; Birchmeier, W.; Lehrach, H.; Wanker, E. E.: A human protein-protein interaction network: a resource for annotating the proteome. Cell 122 (6), pp. 957 - 968 (2005)
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Goehler, H.; Lalowski, M.; Stelzl, U.; Waelter, S.; Stroedicke, M.; Worm, U.; Droege, A.; Lindenberg, K. S.; Knoblich, M.; Haenig, C. et al.; Herbst, M.; Suopanki, J.; Scherzinger, E.; Abraham, C.; Bauer, B.; Hasenbank, B.; Fritzsche, A.; Ludewig, A. H.; Buessow, K.; Coleman, S. H.; Gutekunst, C.-A.; Landwehrmeyer, B. G.; Lehrach, H.; Wanker, E. E.: A protein interaction network links GIT1, an enhancer of huntingtin aggregation, to Huntington's Disease. Molecular Cell 16 (6), pp. 853 - 865 (2004)
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Stiege, A. C.; Isidro, A.; Droege, A.; Tavares, P.: Specific targeting of a DNA-binding protein to the SPP1 procapsid by interaction with the portal oligomer. Molecular Microbiology 49 (5), pp. 1201 - 1212 (2003)
Journal Article
Orlova, E. V.; Gowen, B.; Dröge, A.; Stiege, A.; Weise, F.; Lurz, R.; van Heel, M.; Tavares, P.: Structure of a viral DNA gatekeeper at 10 angstrom resolution by cryo-electron microscopy. EMBO Journal 22 (6), pp. 1255 - 1262 (2003)
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