Publications of Annalisa Marsico

Journal Article (10)

Journal Article
Aznaourova, M.; Schmerer, N.; Janga, H.; Zhang , Z.; Pauck, K.; Bushe, J.; Volkers, S. M.; Wendisch, D.; Georg, P.; Ntini, E. et al.; Aillaud, M.; Gündisch, M.; Mack, E.; Skevaki , C.; Keller, C.; Bauer, C.; Bertrams, W.; Marsico, A.; Nist, A.; Stiewe, T.; Gruber, A. D.; Ruppert, C.; Li, Y.; Garn, H.; Sander, L. E.; Schmeck, B.; Schulte, L. N.: Single-cell RNA sequencing uncovers the nuclear decoy lincRNA PIRAT as a regulator of systemic monocyte immunity during COVID-19. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 (36), e2120680119 (2022)
Journal Article
Krakau, S.; Richard, H.; Marsico, A.: PureCLIP: Capturing target-specific protein-RNA interaction footprints from single-nucleotide CLIP-seq data. Genome Biology 18 (1), 1:240 (2017)
Journal Article
Heller, D.; Krestel, R.; Ohler, U.; Vingron, M.; Marsico, A.: ssHMM: extracting intuitive sequence-structure motifs from high-throughput RNA-binding protein data. Nucleic Acids Research (London) 45 (19), pp. 11004 - 11018 (2017)
Journal Article
Barros de Andrade e Sousa, L.; Marsico, A.: A statistical model for epigenetic control of miRNAs. PeerJ 4, 4:e2423v1 (2016)
Journal Article
Budach, S.; Heinig, M.; Marsico, A.: Principles of microRNA Regulation Revealed Through Modeling microRNA Expression. Genetics 203 (4), pp. 1629 - 1640 (2016)
Journal Article
Du Bois, I.; Marsico, A.; Bertrams, W.; Schweiger, M. R.; Caffrey, B.; Sittka-Stark, A.; Eberhardt, M.; Vera, J.; Vingron, M.; Schmeck, B. T.: Genome-wide Chromatin Profiling of Legionella pneumophila-Infected Human Macrophages Reveals Activation of the Probacterial Host Factor TNFAIP2. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 214 (3), pp. 454 - 463 (2016)
Journal Article
Musahl, A.; Huang, X.; Rusakiewicz, S.; Ntini, E.; Marsico, A.; Kroemer, G.; Kepp, O.; Ørom, U. A.: A long non-coding RNA links calreticulin-mediated immunogenic cell removal to RB1 transcription. Oncogene 34 (39), pp. 5046 - 5054 (2015)
Journal Article
Conrad, T.; Marsico, A.; Gehre, M.; Ørom, U. A.: Microprocessor activity controls differential miRNA biogenesis In Vivo. Cell Reports 9 (2), pp. 542 - 554 (2014)
Journal Article
Prykhozhij, S.; Marsico, A.; Meijsing, S.: Zebrafish Expression Ontology of Gene Sets (ZEOGS): a tool to analyze enrichment of zebrafish anatomical terms in large gene sets. Zebrafish 10 (3), pp. 303 - 315 (2013)
Journal Article
Marsico, A.; Huska, M.; Lasserre, J.; Hu, H.; Vucicevic, D.; Musahl, A.; Ørom, U. A.; Vingron, M.: PROmiRNA: a new miRNA promoter recognition method uncovers the complex regulation of intronic miRNAs. Genome Biology 14 (8), p. R84 - R84 (2013)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Yang, X.; Marsico, A.: In silico promoter recognition from deepCAGE data. In: Enhancer RNAs: Methods and Protocols (Ed. Ørom, U. A.) (2017)
Book Chapter
Caffrey, B.; Marsico, A.: Computational modeling of microRNA Biogenesis. In: Mathematical Models in Biology, pp. 85 - 98 (Eds. Zazzu, V.; Ferraro, M. B.). Springer International Publishing (2015)
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