Publications of Aleksandra Alicja Arczewska

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Gu, H.; Raman, A. T.; Wang, X.; Gaiti, F.; Chaligne, R.; Mohammad, A. W.; Arczewska, A. A.; Smith, Z. D.; Landau, D. A.; Aryee, M. J. et al.; Meissner, A.; Gnirke, A.: Smart-RRBS for single-cell methylome and transcriptome analysis. Nature Protocols 16, pp. 4004 - 4030 (2021)
Journal Article
Tsankov, A. M.; Wadsworth, M. H.; Akopian, V.; Charlton, J.; Allon, S. J.; Arczewska, A. A.; Mead, B. E.; Drake, R. S.; Smith, Z. D.; Mikkelsen, T. S. et al.; Shalek, A. K.; Meissner, A.: Loss of DNA methyltransferase activity in primed human ES cells triggers increased cell-cell variability and transcriptional repression. Development 2019, 146 (2019)
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