Past Otto Warburg Summer Schools 2005 - 2014

The Otto Warburg Summer School has been held in Berlin since 2005, on a topic of high current interest in the broad field of bioinformatics. Since 2012, the location of the school alternates between Berlin, in odd years, and Shanghai, in even years, where it is organised by the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology.

OWS 2005 on Networks and Regulation

OWS 2006 on Evolutionary Genomics

OWS 2007 on Computational Systems Biology

OWS 2009 on Regulatory (Epi-)Genomics

OWS 2011 on Evolutionary Genomics

OWS 2012 on Genes, Metabolism and Systems Modelling

OWS 2013 on Next Generation Sequencing and its Impact on Genetics

OWS 2014 on Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics

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