Thesis - Diploma (3)

Thesis - Diploma
Schindler, S.: Etablierung von microRNA-Konstrukten zur Genexpressionskontrolle von Smok1, Tagap1 und Fgd2. Diploma, Technischen Fachhochschule Berlin, Berlin (2008)

Thesis - Master (9)

Thesis - Master
Gassaloglu, S. I.: Molecular recording of mouse embryonic stem cell derived Trunk-Like-Structures. Master (2020)
Thesis - Master
Sekar, A.: Role Of BMPs On Neuro-Mesodermal Axial Progeniotors And Mesodermal Sublineage Differentiation. Master (2020)
Thesis - Master
Gamez, P.: Non-mendalian inheritance in the mouse. Master (2016)
Thesis - Master
Anurin, A.: Mechanism of stem cell maturation and differentiation. Master (2015)
Thesis - Master
Rutkauskas, G.: Identification of LncRNA LN022 Binding Proteins and Functional Analysis of the Sequence Adjacent to the 3’ End of the LN022 Coding Sequence. Master (2015)
Thesis - Master
Schifferl, D.: An Investigation of T and Sox2 Enhancer Elements in the Mouse Embryo. Master (2015)
Thesis - Master
Chiocchetti, S.: The role of b-Catenin in embryonic stem cell differentiation and mesoderm formation. Master, Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Berlin (2014)
Thesis - Master
Loof, G.: Characterization of the Msgn1 gene regulatory network during mesoderm formation and maturation in the developing mouse embryo. Master, Free University Berlin, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Berlin (2014)
Thesis - Master
Weber, A.-I.: shRNA-mediated knockdown of Wnt signaling modulators that are involved in the segmentation clock. Master, Humboldt-University Berlin, Faculty of Life Sciences, Berlin (2014)
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