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Rubelt, F.; Sievert, V.; Knaust, F.; Diener, C.; Lim, T. S.; Klipp, E.; Reinhardt, R.; Lehrach, H.; Konthur, Z.: Onset of Immune Senescence Defined by Unbiased Pyrosequencing of Human Immunoglobulin mRNA Repertoires. PLoS One (angenommen)
Rubelt, F.; Sievert, V.; Knaust, F.; Diener, C.; Lim, T. S.; Skriner, K.; Klipp, E.; Reinhardt, R.; Lehrach, H.; Konthur, Z.: Onset of immune senescence defined by unbiased pyrosequencing of human immunoglobulin mRNA repertoires. PLoS One 7 (11), e49774 (2012)
Lim, T. S.; Mollova, S.; Rubelt, F.; Sievert, V.; Dübel, S.; Lehrach, H.; Konthur, Z.: V-gene amplification revisited - An optimised procedure for amplification of rearranged human antibody genes of different isotypes. Nature biotechnology 27 (2), S. 108 - 111 (2010)
Schulze, J. O.; Quedenau, C.; Roske, Y.; Adam, T.; Schüler, H.; Behlke, J.; Turnbull, A. P.; Sievert, V.; Scheich, C.; Mueller, U. et al.; Heinemann, U.; Büssow, K.: Structural and functional characterization of human Iba proteins. FEBS Journal 275 (18), S. 4627 - 4640 (2008)
Büssow, K.; Scheich, C.; Sievert, V.; Harttig, U.; Schultz, J.; Simon, B.; Bork, P.; Lehrach, H.; Heinemann, U.: Structural genomics of human proteins – target selection and generation of a public catalogue of expression clones. Microbial Cell Factories Microb Cell Fact (4:21), S. 1 - 13 (2005)
Soukenik, M.; Diehl, A.; Leidert, M.; Sievert, V.; Büssow, K.; Leitner, D.; Labudde, D.; Ball, L. J.; Lechner, A.; Nägler, D. K. et al.; Oschkinat, H.: The SEP domain of p47 acts as a reversible competitive inhibitor of cathepsin L. FEBS Letters 576 (3), S. 358 - 362 (2004)
Manjasetty, B. A.; Niesen, F. H.; Delbrueck, H.; Goetz, F.; Sievert, V.; Buessow, K.; Behlke, J.; Heinemann, U.: X-ray structure of Fumarylacetoacetate Hydrolase(FAH) family member Homo sapiens FLJ36880. Biological Chemistry 385 (10), S. 935 - 942 (2004)
Büssow, K.; Quedenau, C.; Sievert, V.; Tischer, J.; Scheich, C.; Seitz, H.; Hieke, B.; Niesen, F. H.; Götz, F.; Harttig, U. et al.; Lehrach, H.: A catalog of human cDNA expression clones and its application to structural genomics. Genome Biology 5 (9), S. R71 - R71 (2004)
Scheich, C.; Leitner, D.; Sievert, V.; Leidert, M.; Schlegel, B.; Simon, B.; Letunic, I.; Büssow, K.; Diehl, A.: Fast identification of folded human protein domains expressed in E. coli suitable for structural analysis. BMC Structural Biology 4, S. 4 - 4 (2004)
Brockmann, C.; Leitner, D.; Labudde, D.; Diehl, A.; Sievert, V.; Buessow, K.; Kühne, R.; Oschkinat, H.: The solution structure of the SODD BAG domain reveals additional electrostatic interactions in the HSP70 complexes of SODD subfamily BAG domains. FEBS Letters 558 (1-3), S. 101 - 106 (2004)
Manjasetty, B. A.; Delbrueck, H.; Pham, D.-T.; Mueller, U.; Fieber-Erdmann, M.; Scheich, C.; Sievert, V.; Buessow, K.; Niesen, F. H.; Weihofen, W. et al.; Loll, B.; Saenger, W.; Heinemann, U.: Crystal structure of Homo sapiens protein hp14.5. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 54 (4), S. 797 - 800 (2004)
Manjasetty, B. A.; Quedenau, C.; Sievert, V.; Buessow, K.; Niesen, F.; Delbrueck, H.; Heinemann, U.: X-ray structure of human gankyrin, the product of a gene linked to hepatocellular carcinoma. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 55 (1), S. 214 - 217 (2004)
Scheich, C.; Sievert, V.; Buessow, K.: An automated method for high-throughput protein purification applied to a comparison of His-tag and GST-tag affinity chromatography. BMC Biotechnology 3 (12), 12 (2003)
Buessow, K.; Hoffmann, S.; Sievert, V.: ORFer - retrieval of protein sequences and open reading frames from GenBank and storage into relational databases or text files. BMC Bioinformatics 3, S. 40 - 46 (2002)

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Sievert, V.; Ergin, A.; Büssow, K.: High throughput cloning with restriction enzymes. In: Structural proteomics: high-throughput methods, S. 163 - 173 (Hg. Kobe, B.; Guss, M.; Huber, T.). Humana Press, New York (2008)
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