Publikationen von Thorsten Mielke

Zeitschriftenartikel (65)

Connell, S. R.; Takemoto, C.; Wilson, D. N.; Wang, H.; Murayama, K.; Terada, T.; Shirouzu, M.; Rost, M.; Schüler, M.; Giesebrecht, J. et al.; Dabrowski, M.; Mielke, T.; Fucini, P.; Yokoyama, S.; Spahn, C. M. T.: Structural basis for interaction of the ribosome with the switch regions of GTP-bound elongation factors. Molecular Cell 25 (5), S. 751 - 764 (2007)
Schüler, M.; Connell, S. R.; Lescoute, A.; Giesebrecht, J.; Dabrowski, M.; Schroeer, B.; Mielke, T.; Penczek, P. A.; Westhof, E.; Spahn, C. M. T.: Structure of the ribosome-bound cricket paralysis virus IRES RNA. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 13 (12), S. 1092 - 1096 (2006)
Halic, M.; Blau, M.; Becker, T.; Mielke, T.; Pool, M. R.; Wild, K.; Sinning, I.; Beckmann, R.: Following the signal sequence from ribosomal tunnel exit to signal recognition particle. Nature 444 (7118), S. 507 - 511 (2006)
Andersen, C. B. F.; Becker, T.; Blau, M.; Anand, M.; Halic, M.; Balar, B.; Mielke, T.; Boesen, T.; Pedersen, J. S.; Spahn, C. M. T. et al.; Kinzy, T. G.; Andersen, G. R.; Beckmann, R.: Structure of eEF3 and the mechanism of transfer RNA release from the E-site. Nature 443 (7112), S. 663 - 668 (2006)
Halic, M.; Gartmann, M.; Schlenker, O.; Mielke, T.; Pool, M. R.; Sinning, I.; Beckmann, R.: Signal recognition particle receptor exposes the ribosomal translocon binding site. Science 312 (5774), S. 745 - 747 (2006)
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