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Wruck, W.; Kashofer, K.; Rehman, S.; Daskalaki, A.; Berg, D.; Gralka, E.; Jozefczuk, J.; Drews, K.; Pandey, V.; Regenbrecht, C. et al.; Wierling, C. K.; Turano, P.; Korf, U.; Zatloukal, K.; Lehrach, H.; Westerhoff, H. V.; Adjaye, J.: Multi-omic profiles of human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease tissue highlight heterogenic phenotypes. Scientific Data 2, 150068 (2015)
Röhr, C.; Kerick, M.; Fischer, A.; Kuehn, A.; Kashofer, K.; Timmermann, B.; Daskalaki, A.; Meinel, T.; Drichel, D.; Börno, S. et al.; Nowka, A.; Krobitsch, S.; McHardy, A. C.; Kratsch, C.; Becker, T.; Wunderlich, A.; Barmeyer, C.; Viertler, C.; Zatloukal, K.; Wierling, C.; Lehrach, H.; Schweiger, M.-R.: High-Throughput miRNA and mRNA Sequencing of Paired Colorectal Normal, Tumor and Metastasis Tissues and Bioinformatic Modeling of miRNA-1 Therapeutic Applications. PLoS One 8 (7), S. e67461 - e67461 (2013)
Wierling, C.; Kühn, A.; Hache, H.; Daskalaki, A.; Maschke-Dutz, E.; Peycheva, S.; Li, J.; Herwig, R.; Lehrach, H.: Prediction in the face of uncertainty: a Monte Carlo-based approach for systems biology of cancer treatment. Mutation Research-Genetic Toxixology and Environmental Mutagenesis 746 (2), S. 163 - 170 (2012)
Jozefczuk, J.; Kashofer, K.; Ummanni, R.; Henjes, F.; Rehman, S.; Geenen, S.; Wruck, W.; Regenbrecht, C.; Daskalaki, A.; Wierling, C. K. et al.; Turano, P.; Bertini, I.; Korf, U.; Zatloukal, K.; Westerhoff, H. V.; Lehrach, H.; Adjaye, J.: A Systems Biology Approach to Deciphering the Etiology of Steatosis Employing Patient-Derived Dermal Fibroblasts and iPS Cells. Frontiers in Systems Biology 3 (3), 3:339 (2012)
Rabhi, I.; Rabhi, S.; Ben-Othman, R.; Rasche, A.; Daskalaki, A.; Trentin, B.; Piquemal, D.; Regnault, B.; Descoteaux, A.; Guizani-Tabbane, L.: Transcriptomic signature of Leishmania infected mice macrophages: a metabolic point of view. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 6 (8), e1763 (2012)
Daskalaki, A.: Digital Forensics for the Health Sciences: Applications in Practice and Research. Igi-Global Publishing (2011)

Buch (3)

Daskalaki, A.: Medical Advancements in Aging and Regenerative Technologies: Clinical Tools and Applications. IGI Global (2012)
Lazakidou , A.; Daskalaki, A.: Quality Assurance in Healthcare Service Delivery, Nursing and personalized Medicine: Technologies and Processes. IGI Global, Hershey PA (2012), 302 S.
Daskalaki, A. (Hg.): Handbook of research on systems biology applications in medicine. IGI Global, Hershey, PA 17033, USA (2008), 982 S.

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Daskalaki, A.; Rasche, A.: Meta-Analysis approach for the identification of molecular networks related to infections of the oral cavity. In: Informatics in oral medicine: advanced techniques in clinical and diagnostic technologies, S. 237 - 250 (Hg. Daskalaki, A.). IGI Global, Hershey, PA 17033, USA (2010)
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