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Goswami, C.; Kuhn, J.; Dina, O. A.; Fernandez-Ballester, G.; Levine, J. D.; Ferrer-Montiel, A.; Hucho, T.: Estrogen destabilizes microtubules through an ion-conductivity-independent TRPV1 pathway. J Neurochem 117 (6), pp. 995 - 1008 (2011)
Journal Article
Goswami, C.; Rademacher, N.; Smalla, K.-H.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Ropers, H.-H.; Gundelfinger, E. D.; Hucho, T.: TRPV1 acts as a synaptic protein and regulates vesicle recycling. Journal of Cell Science 123 (12), pp. 2045 - 2057 (2010)
Journal Article
Goswami, C.; Hucho, T.: Submembraneous microtubule cytoskeleton: biochemical and functional interplay of TRP channels with the cytoskeleton. FEBS Journal 275 (19), pp. 4684 - 4699 (2008)
Journal Article
Goswami, C.; Hucho, T.: Novel aspects of the submembraneous microtubule cytoskeleton. FEBS Journal 275 (19), p. 4653 - 4653 (2008)
Journal Article
Kuhn, J.; Dina, O. A.; Goswami, C.; Suckow, V.; Levine, J. D.; Hucho, T.: GPR30 estrogen receptor agonists induce mechanical hyperalgesia in the rat. European Journal of Neuroscience 27 (7), pp. 1700 - 1709 (2008)
Journal Article
Motazacker, M. M.; Rost, B. R.; Hucho, T.; Garshasb, M.; Kahriz, K.; Ullmann, R.; Abedini, S. S.; Nieh, S. E.; Amini, S. H.; Goswami, C. et al.; Tzschach, A.; Jensen, L. R.; Schmitz, D.; Ropers, H.-H.; Najmabadi, H.; Kuss, A. W.: A defect in the ionotropic glutamate receptor 6 gene (GRIK2) is associated with autosomal recessive mental retardation. The American Journal of Human Genetics: AJHG 81 (4), pp. 792 - 798 (2007)
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