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Beisaw, A.; Tsaytler, P.; Koch, F.; Schmitz, S. U.; Melissari, M.-T.; Senf, A. D.; Wittler, L.; Pennimpede, T.; Macura, K.; Herrmann, B. G. et al.; Grote, P.: BRACHYURY directs histone acetylation to target loci during mesoderm development. EMBO Reports 19 (1), S. 118 - 134 (2018)
Koch, F.; Scholze, M.; Wittler, L.; Schifferl, D.; Sudheer, S.; Grote, P.; Timmermann, B.; Macura, K.; Herrmann, B. G.: Antagonistic Activities of Sox2 and Brachyury Control the Fate Choice of Neuro-Mesodermal Progenitors. Developmental Cell 42, S. 514 - 526 (2017)
Sudheer, S.; Liu, J.; Marks, M.; Koch, F.; Anurin, A.; Scholze, M.; Senft, A. D.; Wittler, L.; Macura, K.; Grote, P. et al.; Herrmann, B. G.: Different Concentrations of FGF Ligands, FGF2 or FGF8 Determine Distinct States of WNT-Induced Presomitic Mesoderm. Stem Cells 34 (7), S. 1790 - 800 (2016)
Grote, P.; Wittler, L.; Hendrix, D.; Währisch, S.; Beisaw, A.; Macura, K.; Bläss, G.; Kellis, M.; Werber, M.; Herrmann, B. G.: The tissue-specific IncRNA Fendrr is an essential regulator of heart and body wall development in the mouse. Developmental Cell 24 (2), S. 206 - 214 (2013)
Norton, L. J.; Zhang, Q.; Saqib, K. M.; Schrewe, H.; Macura, K.; Anderson, K. E.; Lindsley, C. W.; Brown, H. A.; Rudge, S. A.; Wakelam, M. J.: PLD1 rather than PLD2 regulates phorbol-ester-, adhesion-dependent and Fc{gamma}-receptor-stimulated ROS production in neutrophils. J Cell Sci 124 (Pt 12), S. 1973 - 1983 (2011)
Vidigal, J. A.; Morkel, M.; Wittler, L.; Brouwer-Lehmitz, A.; Grote, P.; Macura, K.; Herrmann, B. G.: An inducible RNA interference system for the functional dissection of mouse embryogenesis. Nucleic Acids Research 38 (11), S. e122 - e122 (2010)
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